How to make your resume stand out

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You know the joke: “I wrote a resume and burst into tears I’m so cool!”? In fact, there is some truth in it The purpose of a resume is to interest the employer, roughly speaking, to show “what a cool you are”. Immediately I warn you to lie in the resume is very undesirable. Even in small things. Any lie can be opened at the most inopportune moment, and you yourself can accidentally “puncture”. Needless to say that then the job in this job does not shine for you? Even if the lie was insignificant, no employer would want to deal with the person who started the cooperation in such a dishonest way. Observe the structure. A resume is not an artistic story or an essay, therefore a solid text is unacceptable here. The summary should consist of clear subtitles, and the information submitted briefly and succinctly.

Stick to clear formatting. Now various “creative” resumes are fashionable. Unusual presentation of information is good, but try not to overdo it. You do not need some kind of super design, for which the text is not visible. First of all, the resume should be easy to read and understand. Write only the truth, but you can keep silent about some points. The phrase “write the truth in the summary” should not be taken too literally and even throw out the facts that do not add to the attractiveness of your person as a potential employee. You want to get a job, right? Therefore, it is possible to conceal certain moments, and sometimes it is even necessary. Focus on your merits they must first be struck by the interviewer. And he will ask you about the shortcomings, if he wants. Be brief. The maximum allowable resume size is 2 pages. And even better if it fits on the same page. Reread a lot of text about you, no one will. “Pack” summary is best in PDF format, so the document will look more presentable and whole.

Be literate. Literacy is an indicator of your general education. The employee who writes words with mistakes does not inspire confidence in anyone, even if he will not need to write anything while performing his duties. Therefore, after writing a resume, carefully subtract it several times and make sure that there are no errors, misprints, youth slang, tautologies, or simply awkward sentences. There is no need to subtilize anything; name this document simply “Summary”. Now almost everyone and always send their resumes to employers in electronic form, and if you write some abracadabra in the file name or you simply do not specify your name, there is a high probability that it will be lost in the computer among other documents and will be forgotten about it. The title of the document itself inside should also sound the same: “Summary”. For example: Yulia Sergeevna Ivanova’s resume. Adding a photo to your resume is optional, but very desirable. Especially if you are applying for a position in which an attractive appearance is not the most recent selection criterion. For example, it may be a customer service manager, hostess or promoter. Photo should be discreet. That is, the one on which you dance in the club, for the resume is clearly not suitable. But the photo “ala for a passport” is also not the best option. Choose, or even specially make such a photo in which you smile a little, directly look at the camera and wear suitable clothes for work.