How to write a resume objective

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A resume can be of different types, styles, written with the help of templates in Word, or with the help of some other special programs, and sometimes even by hand. Rules for writing a resume. Regardless of the chosen style, template, any resume must contain the following mandatory items: The full name of the applicant is deployed. The position for which he applies The contact details of the applicant. Usually this is a phone number,

email address. By the way, the e-mail address should be solid, serious, and not zayka, kotenochek, etc. The life achievements of the applicant. By the way, employers pay most attention to this item, so you should describe everything as attractively as possible, but do not invent anything and fantasize, because the truth is, sooner or later it will still pop out. All previous organizations where the applicant worked. They must be specified in chronological, but in reverse order, so that the last place of work will be the first on the list. In addition to the names of organizations, you must also specify the position, as well as the time period during which the applicant worked there. Education. It is necessary to indicate, first of all, your basic education Additional education.

This may be a second degree, courses, various trainings, MBA and more. All this is hardly useful, but will make the resume more solid and attractive. Knowledge of foreign languages. If the applicant speaks foreign languages, this is an indisputable advantage, which must be indicated in the resume. If he does not speak foreign languages, it is better not to mention it once again in the resume and skip this paragraph. The level of computer skills. Nowadays, computers and equipment based on them are used in almost any area. Therefore, the ability to handle this technique is only an advantage, and this should be indicated in your resume. You can also write about programs with which the applicant can work. This may be, for example, an office software package, image editors, and more.

Additional information about yourself. Here you can indicate your hobbies, hobbies, etc., but again, do not overdo it and do not write anything extra, so as not to scare away a potential employer. Of course, you should not write about the fact that the applicant has a noisy party with friends, booze, etc., even if he likes it all and relaxes in this way. After all, the employer may find such a person frivolous and will not invite him to the second stage the interview.